The Possession of Hannah Grace Movie Review

As I drifted into the theatre, a familiar chill of adrenaline ran down my spine. From the rapid shaking occurring in my hands while passing the cashier money, the quiver in my voice as I asked for a small popcorn at the snack bar, and my overwhelming chattiness, you would’ve thought it was my first time watching a horror movie. Maybe it was the grande iced coffee I chugged previous to entering the theatre, or maybe it was from my reaction to the trailer when I watched it home alone very late one night, but something about this movie was making me more anxious than usual.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is your typical horror movie. The main character, or “victim”, is fresh out of therapy. It takes place in a morgue that is located in the very dark and secluded basement of a hospital. A girl who received an exorcism actually isn’t dead and is attempting to kill everyone in her path. Nothing new, right?

The main character, Megan Reed, takes up a night shift as an intake worker at the morgue, attempting to better herself after just recovering from substance abuse. One night she receives a particularly strange body. After turning back around multiple times to find the body in different positions, a change in the eye color, and bruises somehow healing, Megan begins to believe the body isn’t so dead after all. She receives numerous hints warning her that the body may have been home to more than just a teenage girl. After receiving a background check on the body, Megan discovers it belongs to Hannah Grace, a girl who died of an exorcism. Eventually, Hannah begins her attacks. Countless of Megan’s friends and coworkers die while Megan tries to fully destroy the demon once and for all.

Despite how reluctant I was to watch the movie, I quickly realized halfway through that it wasn’t going to become the new 2018 version of The Exorcist. From numerous jumps that you could predict minutes ahead, to points where Hannah Grace was going so insane you could do nothing but laugh, the movie wasn’t the thriller I was expecting. The entire time I wanted nothing more but to scream at the characters for making such impulsive and dumb decisions. All I want to say to them is, “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t go down the dark hallway because you hear someone down there. That doesn’t sound like a smart idea to me.” Despite my frustration beginning to get the best of me, I stuck it out.

The rest of the movie I waited for one huge scare or one huge plot twist that was never going to happen. Something that could have left people shaking as they walked out of the theatre left me sitting in my seat until my friend dragged me out because I was convinced there was still a scene missing.

Afterward, when I asked my friend how she felt about the movie, she told me, “It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There was never a moment where I wasn’t scared about what was going to happen next.”

Had she seen a different movie than me? She’s seen the same amount of horror movies as I have and thought that this was one of the best while I thought it was one of the worst.

That left me to come up with a final conclusion about the movie; if you are one who easily jumps or enjoys your horror movie ending on a higher note, this is one you need to see. But if you’re someone who needs a bizarre scare to make them jump or if you enjoy your horror movie leaving you at a loss for words, I’d suggest you save your money and your time, two things I wish I could get back, and avoid watching the movie.

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