Tutorial: Drawing a Lizard

Drawing is a useful skill and something that brings a little joy into my otherwise bland life. Lizards are also something I belive add a little spice in my life. So, drawing lizards is extremely cool.

The first step to drawing a lizard is to find reference of lizards. You can’t draw lizards unless you know what a lizard looks like.

Once I understand what the lizard looks I draw it in pencil. While I’m drawing it I picture the shapes that the lizard is built from. Doing this will helps the lizard look more “3d” when you draw the outline and shade.

This step is relatively easy; grab a pen and trace your sketch. I chose to use a thicker line to give my lizard a more graphic feel.

Then, I erase the pencil and add a nice background for my friendly lizard.

Next, I add the base colors I chose for my lizard. I based his pattern off of a leopard gecko.

Because I used warm colors as his base colors, when it was time to shade him I chose a cool toned blue to contrast.

Using white gel pen, I dot to add highlight

After that, I color the background and my lizard is finished!

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