Cirque Du Soleii

The circus is coming to town! Next week Little Caesars Arena is hosting Cirque Du Soleii. Cirque du Soleii is an amazing circus performance where there are acrobats, people who walk on stilts, and live magical music that echoes off the walls. The most interesting part of this show is the one of a kind orchestra that travels along with the show, giving you the best entertainment of your life. I went to Cirque du Soleii last year with my mom around Christmas time and let me tell you something, I never expected it to be this good. I have seen a lot of decent circus performances in my day, including Great Smoky Mountain Opries, Magic shows with lions, and ones with celebrities, but none including people doing backflips off of ice ramps, as well as jumping twenty feet in the air. Now that’s incredible. We were also entertained by a man in a white suit who stacked chairs on chairs on chairs underneath his tiny feet, until the chairs reached all the way up to the sky. Helpers from down below on the stage floor keep passing them up and up. It was a heart rattling to watch, but it really took the audiences breath away. I can’t believe people are so brave to do such risky things, but that is what makes it more fun. Acrobats hung from their toes as their hair draped back perfectly and then “woosh” they swung back up to the bar. The way their twisted bodies could wrap around the draping silk was astonishing. The performers are incredibly gifted and definitely are not afraid to show what they can do, which is truly jaw dropping to the audience. The special part about this show is that it changes every year. Last year’s theme was ice, so half of the magic was on ice, while the other was on a wood floor. When I walked in the music started to play while blue lights hit the ice rails, reflecting a glittering finish off the ice, on top of the plastic castle prop. Every move, every beat, every sound was dramatic. The costumes were phenomenal in every way. You could tell they nicely were stitched on each seam, and the way the air moved around their bodies, complimenting every curve. My favorite part was the live singers, and bands that play behind the shadows while the audience rumbles with nerve wrecking feelings. The music drops with the character’s every emotion. It is acting, but with spectacular dramatic symphony, and tricks up the performers sleeves. This is the best show I have seen in my life! This show really paints a memory in your head, a memory that cannot be erased. This event is appropriate for all ages. Tickets on Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena website start at $65 and can range to $180 per seat. The show lasts about three hours with a half an hour intermission. If you want to attend, go on the website now, because tickets are selling like hotcakes! Below are some times and dates in which the show is in town!

Jan 11- Friday at 7:30pm

Jan 12- Saturday at 3:30pm

Jan 12- Saturday at 7:30pm

Jan 13- Sunday at 1:00pm

JaN 13- Sunday at 5:00pm

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