Isn't It Romantic Movie Review

On February 13, a new light hearted romantic comedy hit the theaters. Isn’t It Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson was a hilarious spin on a typical rom-com. I expected the movie to be one of those mediocre stupid-funny films that you see once and never think about again. But, Isn’t It Romantic exceeded my expectations by adding a deeper meaning in the end to coincide with its mainly comical aspects. It featured tons of incredible actors including Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth.

The movie began with a flashback of young Natalie watching the classic romantic comedy Pretty Women with her shallow mother. She watched Julia Roberts in awe, hoping for her life to be like Roberts’ character Vivian Ward’s one day. Her mother told her to give up on that dream before it was too late, because no one ever actually gets a happy ending. From that point on, even into adulthood, Natalie despised all romantic comedies and thought that a happy ending for herself was just a distant fantasy.

Natalie is now an architect in living in New York. She lets herself be pushed around and walked all over by her coworkers. She doesn’t think that she is worthy of love and affection. All her days are the same and she has given up on her dreams of finding love and making it to the top of the architectural industry. One day after work, she is mugged on the subway and is knocked out. She wakes up in a “perfect” world where she is respected at work, men always give her a second look, New York’s streets are clean and smell of lavender, and her apartment looks like the front cover of a Pottery Barn catalog. Despite the good fortune in this parallel universe, she wishes desperately for things to go back to the way they were. After exploring for a couple hours, it doesn’t take her long to realize that she is stuck in the middle of her own romantic comedy. It's the typical rom-com scenario: a dreamy leading man, a gay best friend, random flash mobs, and beautiful scenery at all times. In this parallel universe, Natalie goes through a journey of self love and self discovery.

This movie was a perfect mix between funny and meaningful. It was interesting to see a romantic comedy that actually mocked romantic comedies. In the theater, there were constant giggles coming from all around. I loved the message of self love and women’s empowerment mixed in with the comedy. Wilson did a great job and made the movie so entertaining. Go see Isn’t It Romantic in a theater near you for a good laugh and powerful message.

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