Are Dragon Breath Nitrogen Puffs Dangerous?

First of all, what makes this product so popular? One of the main sources to Dragon Breath company selling success is the nitrogen gas. The process starts off with cereal puffs, that taste a lot like Fruit Loops and then topped off with Captain Crunch cereal. This may sound very tempting to try, but don’t waste your seven dollars on a cup of nitrogen that taste like puke. When you get the frozen cup of colorful puffs, your adrenaline starts rushing and you can’t wait to “smoke a puff”. When you first bite into the puff you can hear the crackle of the puff which is the consistency of Pirate's Booty which is a popular snack and the sound of pop rocks crackling in your saliva all at once. When you bite into the puff, your teeth might freeze. The puffs are below 0 degrees and making contact with your warm mouth causes the ice to melt, or in other words have the “smoke” come out. However, I did notice the more puffs you eat, less nitrogen comes out. Most people find this satisfying because when the ball is cracked open, the nitrogen gives a big puff of smoke. When I was at Twelve Oaks mall, a lady told me “You see everyone “smoking” in these malls these days. I heard those puffs are getting around, especially for you young teens.” That made me feel a little embarrassed when she said that because I don’t want people to think of such a young person being addicted to a cancerous product . Although the smoke is what makes this product different from all the other products out their in the market. You have the nitrogen hitting you mouth, but then comes the gross part. After about three balls, you start to feel a little weird. After the fourth one, my tongue was frozen shut, and the taste was horrible. When I was recording the process my facial expression looked like I was seeing someone hurl, which felt like I was about to do. After a couple balls, I had to spit them out and end my experience there because they started to get uneditable to eat. I did like trying them and the process was fun, but would I recommend everyone to waste seven dollars on a frozen cup of crap? Probably not. Again this is just my experience, everyone is different. I know people that love them and ones that hate them. For example, my friend Hannah who attends Groves High School loves these nitrogen puffs. She saids that she likes the effect that you are smoking and you feel the cold air inside your mouth hit the air surrounding you. Another one of my close friends Brendan says he hates everything about this product, from the way the balls taste to the price of the cup. Everyone’s taste buds are different. If you are interested in trying Dragon Breath you can buy them at Twelve Oaks mall, right by build a bear inside the mall. The process is quick and does not take a lot of time to make sense the balls are already made and they just toss them in the cold nitrogen bowl. The cup is big enough for four of your friends to try a couple puffs and you can even top them off with chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce which I did not try, but may have helped the haunting flavor in my mouth crumble away. While researching more about this product, health warnings came up saying that the liquid nitrogen puffs can freeze your organs, mouth and hands while holding the cup. Kids have been put in hospitals and kids with asthma there is no bonus to this treat. Kids with asthma are experiencing that when the liquid nitrogen is inhaled through their mouth instead of being exhaled it can really mess up their oxygen levels and cause a deadly danger. The FDA said that this product can cause frost burn, and if I did more research on this product, it would have not have been worth trying them. Any product that puts you in danger, especially a treat is not good. Frankly, I am still surprised the company is getting away selling them, even though Dragon Breath is a registered company. The balls are between negative 250-340 degrees. Even Frosty and Santa could not handle that extreme chill. However, When liquid nitrogen is handle properly and there is no liquid nitrogen left on the bottom of the cup, it is safe to eat. If you are still considering trying this product take precautions. Use a toothpick when picking up the puffs to avoid frost burn on the hands and take small bites of the puff to ensure the excess liquid nitrogen is not coming in contact with your mouth. This may help eliminate some of the health problems, but not all of them. The best way to make sure that you are a hundred percent safe is to pass on this smoking desert.

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