BPS Alumna Haley Stevens sworn in as U.S. Representative

Going in as a Seaholm alumna, exiting out as a U.S. representative. That's what congresswoman Haley Stevens did on January 27 at her official swearing in ceremony at Seaholm’s auditorium. Graduating from Seaholm High School in 2001, Stevens is now a fighting to expand the educational opportunities given to students in her role as U.S. congresswoman

“We've got to look at the education opportunities for everybody it shouldn't matter what zip code that you live in you should have access to good quality education. I think we should lower the cost of higher educations. I don't think that means that every person has to go into college because there's so many ways to connect into our innovation, our technology, and our economy and that's something I want to promote,” Stevens said.

The Scriptor conducted an exclusive interview with Stevens after her swearing in ceremony. In the following video clip, Stevens goes into greater detail about how the Birmingham Public Schools both inspired and supported her role as a public servant.

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