Camp Ticonderoga: Wonderful Experience and Food!

Traditional Coney Islands are of course always cheap and fun, but sometimes you gotta award yourself. Camp Ticonderoga is just the way to go. This restaurant may not be cheap, but the filling portions of food and the wild atmosphere is enough to keep you coming back. When you walk into Camp Ticonderoga you are greeted by lots of animal heads such as deer, buffalo, elk and more. This may sound creepy but I promise it is nothing cringy. They are located on a golf course, so most people play a game or two and then head in for a late lunch. Camp Ticonderoga is my favorite restaurant and I ask my parents to take me here for my birthday every year because the whole experience is incredible. The atmosphere becomes especially incredible during the holiday seasons. The restaurant hosts dinners with Santa for Christmas and even a turkey dinner your family would have for Thanksgiving. During these holidays, red silky bows dash up the restaurant for Thanksgiving and Christmas. On Thanksgiving, my family had a feast and boy was it filling. This restaurant makes everything from scratch with all fresh ingredients. The turkey, cranberry sauce and mash potatoes were wonderful. Not dry at all which personally I find some restaurants to do that, which is annoying because it is frustrating that have to pay for a dish that you don’t like. Their restaurant mostly consists of bar food. Lots of burgers, salads, fried fish and chicken options. If you are brave enough you can even try duck or buffalo. One of my favorite appetizers would be the fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. Something that makes this plate extra special is the presentation. You get eight tomatoes with a thick slice of fresh mozzarella. On top of the cheese is a pretty basil leaf. Under the tomatoes is a pesto sauce mixed with balsamic vinaigrette which is a perfect blend and the ingredients really complement each other. This plate is fresh and presented very well with the sauces and the way the tomatoes fill the plate. I would highly recommend this dish. Another amazing dish is fish and chips. Their thick cut crispy potato chips with a dash of sea salt are to die for, and if you're hungry enough to have dessert, get the chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are rich in brown maple sugar and melted chocolate chips which leaves your mouth watering. I would highly recommend you to go here for a mouthwatering experience and bring your hungry stomach with you. If you are interested in attending this restaurant for the amazing food and experience, bring some friends with you because you will definitely want to split the bill.

Camp Ticonderoga is located on Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085.

A lovely appetizer including basil, tomato, A chandelier lights up the room

bread, and mozzarella on Christmas


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