Check out CJ Barrymore's New Attractions!

For those of you who may not know and who are big fans of adventure, CJ Barrymore’s has some new attractions you should check out. I went to CJ’S over spring break and had a blast. Not that much was open although I did enjoy The Grand Pix Race Track, laser tag, bungee jumping and more! Some new attractions that were open included the Spinning Roller Coaster and the Soaring Eagle Zipline. This zip line was a blast and unlike any others. Visitors wanting to soar to new heights should try out this ride. Two people sit down and get strapped in, the ride then starts off going back up a line to the top of a pole. The rider waits a couple of seconds until a latch mechanism is released to soar the zip line flying down back to the starting point at a good 25 miles an hour! The only downside to this ride is that it is so quick for the horrible line you have to wait in to go onto the ride. This may be because the ride is brand new for Spring 2019!

The other new and exciting ride I went on was the Spinning Roller Coaster! For those of you who went on the Wild Mouse ride at the Saint Mary’s fair, you can expect the same thing. The ride includes carts with two riders in the front and two in the back. The ride starts off going up a track while your cart starts spinning. You are going forward the whole time, the only part that is changing directions is the cart itself. You spin side to side all around while your body shakes in the cart. The nice part about this ride is it lasts quite a bit of time. Longer than the zip line and some other attractions you’ll come across at CJ’S. This ride is so smooth you don’t really feel like you are moving. This ride is small and low to the ground so don’t get your hopes up but this ride is suitable for high schoolers. In fact this ride I enjoyed so much that the ride operator let my friend Tiffany and I cut to the front of the line. Sorry people who got angry.

The weather was cold but I had a blast. Unfortunately, the Ferris Wheel and Saddle Sling were closed when I was at the fair but I definitely would recommend trying those rides. You can also look forward to the Drop Tower where you can experience a true free fall that, unfortunately, was still being built. These rides are expected to come later in Spring 2019, so around May, go check it out! Although these rides range from $8-12 dollars, it really is worth it, especially for the thrills that you and your friend may encounter!

On the exciting and fun adventures of this park go to:

Go carting is another fun activity at CJs!

The magnificent ferris wheel

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