Groves beats Rochester in the highest scoring game of the season

Friday the 13th did not spell bad luck for the varsity football team with their highest scoring win of the season, defeating Rochester 42 to 0.

“We didn't want to think they were nothing, so we prepared. They weren't amazing, but we did not want to let our guard down to them,” defensive end Logan Flaherty said.

The Falcons were up 42 to 0 at half time. Flaherty explained the team's strategy behind maintaining their lead in the second half. “We kept our foot on their throats,” Flaherty said. “We were up by 42, and we didn't give them a chance to make any good plays.”

Because of injuries on the team, corner-back Jack Woods stepped up to play quarterback for the first time on varsity. “I was a little nervous at first, but I got used to it after the second play,” Woods said. This Friday, Groves plays the 8th ranked team in the state: Oak park. Not having achieved a victory against this team since 2016, Groves must drive to maintain their undefeated status. “They have beaten us the past couple years,” Flaherty said, “but we hope to come out on top this Friday.”

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