Groves students stay in for global walk out

Photos by Philip Bradbury and Charlise Keck

Groves alumni Colton Tinsely holds a protest sign on March 14, 2018 in support of the March for Our Lives movement with the supervision of the school and excused absences. Students met on the football field, carrying signs and speaking out about how lack of gun control affected their lives. During today’s Global Climate Strike, September 20, Groves students remained in school, deciding not to support the movement because the administration was not excusing absences.

Groves’ students did not participate in the Global Climate strike today, September 20. A movement initiated by Swedish high school student, Greta Thunberg, quickly grew in scale, with 2,500 events scheduled across the globe. Over one million students in New York City’s Public Schools were excused for the strike on Friday, while Birmingham Public School students were not excused.

Senior president of the Green Club Samantha Mantua talked to assistant principals Darin Wilcox and DeLois Spryszak who said students would have to walk out without the permission of the school and accept an unexcused absence.

“The school can’t condone anything, so we can’t meet on school grounds, making it very unlikely that anyone would participate,” Mantua said.

Students wondered why the district condoned and helped prepare for the March for our Lives student walk out in 2018 but declined to do so for today’s climate strike. Groves’ students still have a chance to participate in the next strike, scheduled for September 27. For more information on the global strikes visit

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