Seniors win Toga Day for first time in three years as part of goal to win the bucket

For three years seniors failed to win their Toga Day during Spirit Week.

Until this year.

This year seniors won Toga day with 72.3% participation, blowing out the other grades. Groves Student Congress (GSC) decided to call Toga Day, “Mamma Mia” Day this year because the setting, Greece, for Mamma Mia, fits the theme and is this year’s musical. Senior GSC leader Kaitlyn Ziegele feels this inspired more students to participate in Toga Day.

“We on GSC decided it to call it ‘Mamma Mia day’ because the musical is set in Greece. Supporting the musical and Toga Day is an obvious win for both,” Ziegele said.

GSC seniors collaborated an early morning setup session to ensure that nearly all seniors got props to dress up.

Photo by Ethan Marcus

Seniors Nicole Bastian and Jacob Ellenbogen dress up in togas on September 25 for Mamma Mia Day, continuing the standing tradition of toga-day.

Seniors also won every event leading up to Toga day, including their decorated hallway, based off of the music festival Coachella.

Senior Annie Chernow is proud of how this year’s seniors overcame some apathy from last year.

“I have enjoyed this years dress up days which has sparked interest in participating everyday,” Chernow said.

Photo by Sydney Jacob and Blair Chernow

Seniors Ralph Donaldson, Annie Chernow, and juniors Ari Tiles, Leah Zeman, Thea Jacobs, and Ainsley Stearns pose for a picture sporting their music-festival outfits on September 23.

Even though the staff always loses dress up days due to their much smaller numbers, nearly every staff member dressed up for each day.

Photo by Ethan Marcus

Social Studies teacher Kate Murphy dresses as star for staff star and paparazzi day on September 25.

“I think dressing up for spirit week, models community for students. It shows you can have fun and don’t have to be super serious and cool to be involved in events at school,” social studies teacher Joe Rusek said.

Photo by Ann-Marie Gullo

Assistant principal DeLois Spryszak and English Teacher Laura Redman dress up as paparazzi to photograph Book-Keeping star, Carmelita Berger on September 25.

While dressing up helps grades and staff bond, students look forward to field day more than any other event. Despite upsets with juniors sometimes winning the bucket, senior Sean Piotrowicz feels no doubt this year’s seniors will win it.

“The seniors will win the bucket because we have determination, and will,” Petrowicz said. “Everyone knows where there is a will, there is a way. We are going to win the bucket.”

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