Spirit week aftermath

In the history of Groves this class had never won the bucket.

But this year the sophomores almost took home the prize.

The sophomores won a number of games, and even beat the seniors, but their enthusiasm was what also made them lose. They crossed the caution tape that they were told to stay behind, boo'd the freshman before the games started, and threw Brett Taylor into the air

Sophomore Stavi Panos explained how the sophomore class lost those points and the disappointment of being so close to winning the bucket.

“I was mad, because we messed up by throwing sophomore Brett Taylor in the air before we even started with the games, booing the freshman, and crossing the line. We knocked the caution tape down,” Panos said.

Although the sophomores did not win field day it was still an upset because the juniors did.

Before the juniors received the bucket, many believed that spirit week was rigged in the senior classes' favor.

Junior Trey Lipsey explained how he felt the games were rigged because he had heard that the seniors never lose.

"Yes, I did think the seniors would win. I just assumed they'd win because juniors don't usually win. I indeed felt as if the system was rigged because the seniors have more bucket wins. Also, many teachers told me the seniors almost never lose the event," Lipsey said

Photo by Darin Wilcox

Juniors celebrate winning spirit week as junior Kenny Pepper holds the coveted bucket

Junior Marquie Brown mentioned what made him believe staff would ensure the seniors won.

“I did think spirit week was rigged only so another incident that happened freshman year wouldn't happen again when some of the seniors decided to key cars and slash tires that belonged to juniors" Brown said

Junior Reshalya Gaddis noticed that, after the juniors won the bucket this year, a few seniors acted unsportsmanlike

“The seniors were very mad. One came up to me and told me she was going to slash my tires and key my car just because I was talking about how we won," Gaddis said.

Senior Matthew Werekoon feels that It’s not wrong to be excited about winning, but he believes seniors only retaliate when juniors rub the win in seniors' faces. Werekoon also said some of the resentment seniors felt this year were caused by unclear instructions before certain field day events.

“I felt frustrated and disappointed that we lost," Werekoon said. "We had been doing so well in spirit week, winning every dress up day except Friday, and even winning powderpuff. It looked like everything was in our favor, until field day. It wasn’t even completely because we were worse at the games, but there was a ton of confusion between judges and volunteers at all grades. It was especially crushing because of all the effort put into planning everything like hallway decorating, t-shirt, geotag, banner, and advertising dress up days, but our most hyped moment was confusing and disappointing. I had fun, and I’m over it now, it's just a shame that part of why we lost was something we had no control over."

Some seniors blame their loss on the even year curse. In 2016, 2018. and, now, 2020 the juniors won the bucket. Senior Grace Silcox thought about this curse when she heard the seniors lost.

”The reason we might have lost is because of the even year curse since we’re the class of 2020,” Silcox said

Other seniors noticed that juniors didn't always show sportsmanship during field day. After winning the bucket the juniors went outside and painted the senior rock, a rock seniors paint with to commemorate their class with the names of each senior student. Senior Lily Russell said her class put hours painting the rock.

"It was all fun and games until the juniors destroyed the rock" Russell said "that the seniors spent five hours working on the night before."

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