Swimmers tread land: Color Run 2019

Photo by Caden Meyers

Sophomore Jake Reiner charges through a cloud of blue chalk at the color run on September 24, 2019. "With each lap you could feel the calk dust settling on your clothes, the dusty flavor of the clouds infiltrating your mouth with each breath," Reiner said.

Photo by Caden Meyers

Sophomores swimmers Gabi Saenz, Ellie Deighan, and Marie Morris finish their lap around the field at the Color Run on September 24.

Photo by Caden Meyers

Sophomore swimmer Margaret runs through a cloud of blue at the Color Run on September 24. From water to land, the swim team dashed through the color run this year on October 8.

This colorful break served as a day off from daily practice in the pool. Junior Ella Russell appreciated this break.

“I loved leaving the cold pool and running around the field with my teammates, especially as I saw the blurry silhouettes of my friends in GSC while they showered me with a variety of colors,” Russell said. Although some swimmers may had “sea legs”, senior Nicole Bastian also enjoyed participating in this event.

“I always enjoy running in the color run with the rest of the swim team because it's cool to be able to do something different and be a part of the school activities. Even though we're swimmers and not the best at running, we always have fun getting color thrown at us instead of getting in the pool and swimming,” Bastian said.

Junior Jackson Tinsley created the most vivid moment for Russell when he showered her with color. “Jackson threw bright, pink cornstarch into my ear," Russell said. "At first I was stunned and kind of annoyed because I had a test later, but now that I can think about it as a memory. It was pretty funny and can't wait for next year's run."

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