Reviewing Disney Plus

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Disney plus is a rising competitor in the fight for top dog in the streaming service business. It joins along with other popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. With more variety Disney Plus comes out on top. From the classics to the most current movies Disney Plus has all areas covered.

Having nothing to do all day can be worse than having a busy schedule. Luckily there are many movie and streaming services that will supply you with endless hours of fun to cure your boredom, but figuring out which streaming service to choose from can be a pain. With the new Disney Plus you will never have a dull moment. Disney Plus provides viewers with grammy award winning movies. One of our favorites is The Avengers, a great movie for those who enjoy the fantasy and science fiction genre. The Avengers has everything one could want in a movie, ranging from action packed battles and fight scenes to romance. Disney Plus offers many more action packed moments in all the Marvel movies it provides, especially Iron Man and Captain America. They both have countless battles and countless conflicts that can be watched countless times. While Iron Man rides in a humvee on his way to a meeting, he is brutally attacked. Guns firing. Glass shattering. Men screaming. Iron Man is in total despair as he is attacked. “Whats going on” said Iron Man to one of his bodyguards. The bodyguard responded with “stay in the Humvee”. However, this did not happen, and Iron Man walked out but was hit with a bomb and knocked unconscious. When Iron Man woke up, he was in a dark room surrounded by men with guns, who were speaking in a different language. He had been taken hostage. This is in the beginning of the movie so it sets a kinda dark tone for the audience. Captain America also falls into the action genre. After doctors pumped chemicals throughout Steve Rogers body, everyone crowded around waiting to see the results. When the chamber door opened to reveal a buff, muscular new Steve, no one could believe how much the chemicals had worked. “He really did it,” gasped the general, as doctors rushed over to Captain America to pull him out of the testing chamber. This is where Marvel fans finally get to see the birth of Captain America, where we witness how he becomes the greatest hero in the Marvel universe. Will Captain America live up to his name and protect his country from evil? Disney Plus offers equally compelling movies in animation, and The Lion King, taking place in Africa and following the life of Simba, a lion and main character, is one of their best. As Simba darts down the valley, while the stampede of wildebeest chases him, the mighty king Mufasa moves swiftly through the pack and retrieves Simba out of harm's way. As Mufasa tries to fiercely save himself, his evil brother Scar is waiting at the top of the cliff side to pull him up. With all his strength Mufasa jumps towards his brother barely able to grasp his paw. Scar is holding onto Mufasa when a wicked smile grows across his face and he begins to let Mufasa’s grip slip “Don't turn your back on me, Scar” Mufasa cries .“Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me!” Scar says with an evil laugh as he lets go, sending Mufasa to his death. Such gripping moments in animation like this are easily found on Disney Plus.

Other streaming services don't deliver such a diversity of movies. You would be hard pressed to find a movie that has experienced any sort of popularity, much less an Oscar nominee, on Hulu. The shows that come with the Hulu subscription are very limited, such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Spy Next Door, and American Dad. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is too much drama to be good drama, a show that melts your brain with boredom or a vacuous hum of gossip. Fighting family members, backstabbing, and intellectual dialog, “No. Stop. Oh. MY. GOD.” seem meant to torture the viewers. All the Kardashian women speak in a whiny tone which grates even the most sleepy viewer after a while. The Spy Next Door is as boring as the title sounds. Watching this movie is as fun as visiting a neighbor you don’t want to know rather than exploring the Marvel universe Disney Plus offers. Boom. Crash. Thud. The enemy breaks into our friendly next-door spy's house, a spy named Bob, of course, and Bobs wins the fight in a couple of seconds after he single handedly takes down five guys. Couldn't the makers of this movie try a bit harder? It is unoriginal and unrealistic. American Dad falls into the comedy genre, but they obviously have it put in the wrong section. The only place American Dad should be is in the trash. The jokes are unoriginal; the story has no plotline; and, most importantly, it is not funny. The only funny thing about this show is the fact that it is still on Hulu. Netflix is also another popular option, offering a wide variety of TV shows but, like Hulu, few well-known movies. Some of the shows available to view on Netflix are Cats, Emoji Movie and Pirated of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Cat’s fall’s into the fantasy drama and musical genre and was a widely loved Broadway play. This movie does a disservice to its reputation. Although the choreography is mediocre, the entire movie is downright awful. Not even all the stars that graced the screen could save it. Jennifer Hudson and Taylor swift delivered some of the worst, most mind numbing performances in their roles. The CGI animation lacked creativity as the cats look like ragdolls and their movements were so awkward and out of place. Listening to the dialogue is even worse when all the script has to offer is annoying cat puns. After watching a group of alley cat’s dance for the longest five minutes of my life, Grizabella reacts by saying “It’s PUUUURFECT here”, saying it with an ugly CGI smile. And Netflix was actually so ashamed of having this pile of trash on their streaming service that they took it right off within two weeks. The Emoji Movie falls into the family movie section, which is funny because not even my little brother could sit through this dreadful movie. When two Poop Emojis walk out of the bathroom, they stop to look at each other and question if they should wash their hands. Then walk away laughing, saying “We are number two”. This was a sad attempt at bathroom humor might be funny to a second grader, but no one above this age would be laughing. The Emoji Movie is a complete waste of time, and I feel bad for any family that accidentally chooses this pitiful film for family movie night. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is equally bad, if not even worse than its sequels. Captain Salazar, who set out to find a large amount of gold, comes across a young horrendous looking Captain Jack Sparrow, who also wants the gold. This causes the two to battle to the death over the pirate booty in an awful battle that is so clustered and full of an overuse of explosions and CGI that you can barely tell what is going on. This results in Sparrow killing Captain Salazar who turns into a ghost and simply exclaims “Rage” and nothing more. Lame dialogue like this is very consistent throughout the entire movie, making us look forward to the movie ending in one big bomb already. Movies like these are most of what you can look forward to watching when you subscribe to Netflix. It can be hard to find a show to watch with your entire family because everyone always wants something different. Family movie night can be exhausting trying to find a compromise, but with Disney Plus their will always be an option for you and your family. Before we bought Disney Plus we would argue for hours over what movie to watch because all the streaming service apps we were subscribed to didn't have movies that my whole family could agree on. Since we have gotten Disney Plus, agreeing on one movie between a family can be very tough, especially with so many options to choose from. But that's what makes Disney Plus terrific: endless movies. Choosing a movie to watch on Hulu is nearly impossible when all you have are movies with terrible ratings that nobody has seen before. All of the three streaming services are very close in price. Disney Plus comes in the middle with a price tag of $7 per month. Next is Hulu, at $6 per month. The most expensive option is Netflix: $9 per month. Hulu would be a waste of money because it offers few shows that anybody would want to watch. Netflix would also be a waste of money because, although it has very good tv shows, it doesn't have good movies. Disney Plus has both good movies and tv shows. Disney Plus is clearly a much better option because it provides audiences with endless hours of entertainment. Disney Plus offers hundreds of classic movie titles available and many popular shows that anyone can enjoy, unlike Netflix and Hulu. No matter what preference of movie or show style you have, Disney Plus has you covered. When you can't possibly waste anymore time staring off into blank space or are bored with Instagram or Facebook, Disney Plus is here to save the day.

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