Cancelled ACT tests my endurance during the quarantine

In the months leading up to the corona virus I had been studying to take, hopefully, my third and final ACT. I had spent countless hours taking practice tests in the hope to score high enough on the ACT to attend my dream college, the University of Michigan, in the fall of 2021. My current ACT score was the only part of my college application that was below the average standard for Michigan. Unfortunately, my ACT test that I was supposed to take in May got canceled due to the pandemic. The next available ACT test is June thirteenth, and the final scheduled ACT test before college admissions opens is in July. But I’m worried that those may also be cancelled because of the continual extension of the stay at home orders from our Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Now, as I sit in the confinement of my home, I wonder what will change in the college application process. Some colleges have begun to say that standardized test scores are optional during the application process this coming fall. I feel that all colleges should adapt to the ever changing conditions of the Corona virus and make standardized test scores optional. Many students rely on their high school

to supply them with the SAT that my junior class would have taken if school had not been canceled . Many people can’t afford to take the ACT or SAT on their own therefore, it is detrimental to a students application process if a college they would like to attend requires a standardized test they were unable to take.

Another way that the college admission process is adapting is through a larger amount of students being admitted to universities. The lack of a cure for the Covid-19 virus has led people to believe that this virus will be around for much longer than anticipated originally. Some experts state that the virus will be prevalent for at least another year. This has led to some universities to increase their acceptance rates due to the fact that there most likely will be less students coming to attend the university from other countries. The thought that many students won’t go abroad to college has led to admission offices to let in more students. A prime example of this is the University of Michigan. Michigan very recently has been talking about increasing admissions and have started to implement this idea.

Finally, the world is severely different than the way it was just a few months ago and adaptations have had to be made. The future is unpredictable but I am excited and hopeful that universities will do what’s best for the incoming class of 2025.

My small desk at home is covered with ACT preparation material. It’s a daunting sight with my dozens of practice tests stacked underneath my official ACT prep guide which contains more tests and my book of tips and tricks on the right from the ACT prep class I attended in August. It’s stressful and makes me claustrophobic, sitting next to all the material I have covered and the forever growing amount of material I still need to learn.

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