Tie Dying DIY to keep busy during quarantine

After a week in quarantine, I was bored with nothing to do. My usual, pre-Coronavirus daily routine kept me busy from 8am-9pm at night, but now I found myself spending all those hours sitting in my bed. I wanted to do something to keep me in a good mood. I wanted to do something that would keep me occupied for hours on end. That was when I thought of tie-dying. I had tons of old clothes that I did not wear anymore that I could now reuse and with which I could occupy myself. This has kept me busy, and I decided to share it with all of you as well.

Step one: Take any old piece of clothing and lay it flat on a table.

Step two: Next, begin scrunching the shirt together to make it smaller.

Step three: Now, begin tieing the shirt off with rubber bands into a ball. The more rubber bands, the more color separation you get.

Step four: Now, lay the shirt flat in the sink or outside and begin adding the colors you want. I added two colors, so be careful to avoid mixture of the colors when you add more colors.

Step five: Once the colors look the way you want, covering the majority of the white, flip the shirt to repeat the steps on the other side.

Step six: Now that the shirt is fully covered in the chosen colors, put it in a plastic bag for at least 24 hours to see the most vibrant colors.

Step Seven: Once 24 hours have passed, open the bag and begin rinsing until all excess colors are removed. Continue rinsing and squeezing to make sure of this.

Step eight: Now remove all rubber bands and put it in the washer on cold.

Step Nine: You’re done! :)

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