Despite initial set backs, Covid 19 quarantine helped me develop deeper documentaries

Photo by Myrkia Maguire

My stepdad and I voyage out to get groceries at the beginning of lockdown, March 13, 2020.

This was supposed to be my spring break. My reset. My time. My opportunity.

All shattered in a matter of hours from the latest pandemic.

My April and May plans to film a short documentary and script that I wrote while travelling to New York andde Los Angeles to model were quickly diluted when the Coronavirus hit Oakland County. Understandably, I couldn’t wrap my head around this illness or why it mattered. I instantly felt isolated and alone as I realized the true harm that COVID-19 was capable of.

At first, my selfishness got the best of me. Constant complaints of not being able to go out, film, or travel unraveled from my lips with every conversation I held. The thoughts of what I couldn’t do flooded my brain and clogged my vision. I wanted to work on my passions. I wanted to have fun around the city. I wanted to feel like I was in control of my life; nonetheless, I let the virus take hold of my thoughts and feelings.

It took a bit of time, but after letting negativity consume my thoughts while blaming anyone and everyone in my sight for my inability to work on certain projects, I took control. I began to think of innovative projects to work on. I started by writing narrative stories, filming Youtube and IGTV videos. I even helped my family create a Youtube Channel by editing and creating channel art and thumbnails. I even interviewed and spoke with the lawyer and fashion guru, Jeffrey Aronsson, who is the former CEO of Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, and Donna Karan. With this information,

I am able to push the creation of a documentary that I am passionate about: sustainable fashion and the effects of fast fashion and runways. Regardless of the virus, I plan to interview more reputable designer companies and models on their experiences in the fashion realm through Skype interviews. Although it is not ideal to sit at home while researching and finding contacts, a lot of people are now available to speak with me, so the virus has opened the door of opportunity for me to get new projects out.

Setbacks with my short film and modeling are unfortunate; however, I can plan other video ideas as the world has been put on a halt for the past month. During my quarantine, I have spent time with my family, created random experiments and crafts with my younger siblings, perfected a homemade cold brew, and caught up with old friends on FaceTime. Times are challenging and this new routine feels far from normal, but everyone is experiencing similar hardships. To create a prosperous reset, we must relax and enjoy the challenge as we discover parts of ourselves that seemed unfathomable.

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