Corona's impact on concertgoers

Photo by Theresa Fabien. Speak Low if You Speak Love, the Coffee Bean in Plymouth MI, 5/30/2016

Photo by Theresa Fabien. Modern Baseball, Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit MI, 12/3/2016.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone to at least one concert per month. A tradition that became so familiar, I ended up feeling more at home when in The Shelter, a venue in Detroit, than my own home.

Photo by Theresa Fabien. SWMRS, The Shelter in Detroit MI, 3/13/2017

I would spend my days browsing through the dusty isles of John King Books, biking through Belle Isle to get to the conservatory, and learning more everyday from those around me. I never expected such a sudden halt to all things that bring me comfort and joy.

Photo by Theresa Fabien. Lil Mosey, The Ballroom in Pontiac MI, 4/5/2019​

Everyday is a struggle. Every morning I wake up with little motivation, a blank mind. Groundhog day. The same repetition; wake up, force myself out of bed, eat, and back to bed, but I do remain hopeful. I know that millions of people all over the world are united because of this one common theme, and I know it may sound selfish but at least we’re not suffering alone. Our family members, friends, this is all for them. To keep them safe. Life will return to normal, not today or tomorrow or even years down the road, but things will get better. Things I often took for granted will be the most thrilling experience when it’s safe again, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Photo by Theresa Fabien. The Who, Little Caesars Arena in Detroit MI, 5/28/2019

Photo by Theresa Fabien. Justin Timberlake, Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids MI, 4/4/2019

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