How Covid 19 quarantine threatened both my job as a caddie and Evans College Scholarship

Photo by Chadwick Cole.

My little brother Oliver, 13, hits a shot from the rough at a local course. Oliver would have started caddying this year.

My phone buzzed. It was a message from my boss. It read “Dear caddies, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this unprecedented crisis. Unfortunately at this time, no caddies will be permitted on club grounds for any reason due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” My stomach dropped.

From April to October I work as a caddie to make my money for the year, but I wasn’t worried about the money.

As a caddie I can earn the Evans scholarship, which is a full ride to select schools in-state (In Michigan it is Michigan State University and University of Michigan). To earn the Evans scholarship the candidate must have spent at least 2 years working as a caddie, have an excellent academic record, demonstrate financial need, and have letters of recommendation from high ranking officials in the club or their school. The candidates are then personally interviewed for the scholarship.

Evans Scholars are typically some of the best, most respected caddies at their clubs. If you are applying for the Evans scholarship, it is important to have good relationships with the members and higher ranking staff at your club. I have worked hard to establish a good reputation for myself at my club. I fear that if I can’t return to work until 2021, I could be back at square one having to rebuild relationships.

The Evans scholarship could be life changing for my family and I. Not having to deal with student loans means less financial burdens in the future. I hope the impressions I’ve made will not be forgotten due to the pandemic.

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