Keeping your cool while being trapped in your home

It all started with a stat line

My brother and I were playing a quick game of NBA2k20 on the ps4, I was to 2004 Dallas Mavericks he was the 83’ Boston Celtics. And man did he kick my butt, he even got trophy out of it entitles “assert yourself”

Throughout the game I was being a bit of a looser complaining about missing shots and going crazy how Larry Bird did not miss a three, I later learned he went 12-25 with a total of 59pts

The last 4.3 seconds were the worst of us on both sides, he called a time out after I made a three with Terry, to get Bird back in for one last shot. I was annoyed, so I made sure all 60seconds of the skippable timeout was used. Inbounds pass, I accidentally called a time out, he yelled at me, i played it saying “oop another 1 min break” he was getting annoyed,

Inbounds pass, Larry shoots the 3 ball, crash. Game over.

After a glorious game, zachary went to check the stat line to rub it in my face, I waited impatiently awaiting my turn to see just how awful I did, but the game was excited, I made a complaint, he retaliated by saying I exited it out, I rebutted.

One thing led to another, and he slapped my arm down, I kept yapping, acknowledging his violence to the crowd consisting of my father, and close family friend. He grabbed me, I saw this large red, blood vessel popping head, with these dark lips moving spitting to every word. My father wanting the violence to stop defended me. He shoved Zac to the couch, Zac retaliated by throwing his left fist to his ribcage and shoving him off.

In disbelief I toss my glasses off and leap on top of him to stop this madness. I didn't wanna hurt him so I went for the neck, a choke hold. All three of us and now my mom are holding him down, as well as myself, for they thought i was on the attack as well. I screamed I'm not gonna let go until he calms down. Eventually he gave.

I came out clean, my dad in disappointment, and my brother, he got the worst of it, a bloody nose and tears. I was sent to my room, then directly sent out so we can begin an apology session. I said mine, he refused. And hasn't said anything since. I will say that i saw the sadness in his face, the regret, the disbelief of what he allowed his anger to do. But his ego would never allow him to admit it.

The coronavirus has affected the people of America. Stay at Home Orders has affected the people of America, being trapped in a house surrounded by six other loud individuals can cause much bottled emotion, and eventually the bottled will overflow, my manipulative skill of annoying him was the last drop needed to cause this flood of anger. Although this Quarantine is keeping the people safe, at what cost is it. Families are breaking apart, people are being killed by other people. incapable parents are stuck caring for their children in times no one can check up on them, and they too get desperate. A mother in Detroit killed her own 3yr old baby because she wouldn't stop crying.

And the truth is we are all crying, having our hope of going back to normal life being taken away 2 weeks at a time. It’s important to not just stay physically healthy, but to also stay mentally healthy, please before your bottle burst as well.

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