The Pros and Cons of Online School

Being at home gives students the luxury to relax more and be more comfortable. However, going to school from home has forced students to change how they go about their day and how they make use of their time.

In my case, with all this newfound time at home, I’ve had to find new hobbies to pass the time productively instead of lazing around at home because I can’t go outside. I used to always hang out with friends after school and do homework with them, which made it easier for me to learn and focus. Now, whenever I’m not binging a show or playing video games, I try to read more and relearn piano. While I do enjoy these newfound hobbies, I am finding it harder to focus on schoolwork at home. Whenever I’m bored in class, I have to resist the urge to turn my tv on and watch a movie.

Another problem I’ve run into is trying to get into class; I don’t have the best Wi-Fi and I have a slow laptop. As a result, I have to be proactive and make sure I have enough time to show up to my classes so I won’t be late due to Wi-Fi issues or lag on my computer. Additionally, the Schoology page might be down, I might have an error logging in, or my power could go out. Being late because of problems I have no control over can be stressing, especially when it could affect my grades and learning.

Sometimes Schoology has technical problems and is down. When this happens during school hours, it can cause many students to be late to class, missing important class time.

Senior Mason Reynolds has also encountered problems during online school. Reynolds does extracurricular activities such as swimming. He is a part of Groves swim team, but this year has been tougher due to COVID and online school.

“I’m not able to swim because all the pools are still closed, so getting prepared for the swim team is a lot harder than before and is really frustrating,” Reynolds said.

Online school, not only affected Reynolds' swimming season, but also the ability to focus on school and keeping up with assignments. Reynolds has found a hard time finding the motivation to actually do work when he’s just sitting at home all day around a bunch of distractions.

“Of course it’s harder to focus. I don’t like that I have to sit in my room for upwards of 7 hours. You don’t have a teacher who can see your every move. We’re essentially in a solitary room watching a video, so it gets boring real quick. In a classroom, you’re stuck; but at home, you don’t have to pay attention,” Reynolds said.

While time at home has given students' opportunities to discover new hobbies and learn in a more relaxing enviornment, overall, going to school in person helps students focus better and and increases our motivation to keep pace with schoolwork.

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