A sneak peak into Daniel Flores' company: Bad Infleuences

The Be Bad With Me Hoodie retails for $40 on shop-bad.com

Flores was bored with the recent styles he saw on the racks at PacSun and Urban Outfitters. He realized that he could make better clothes than the ones he saw on the market today.

“They were bland and everybody else had them, and the ones with designs didn’t spark my interest. I prefer to be unique with the clothing I wear, and customizing my own clothes really allowed me to embrace my particular style. One day I started looking up the steps to designing clothes, I immediately fell in love, and from there I taught myself the basics off the internet.” Flores said.

Flores works with screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, tie-dye, sketch work, photography, and various paints. Combining these techniques with clothing items, Flores generates fashion-forward streetwear; selling unisex hoodies, pants, shirts, shorts, socks, and beanies.

Check back in March to hear how Flores runs his own business, collects thousands of dollars in profit, and makes unique merchandise for all to enjoy. To buy his individual artistic clothing check out shop-bad.com. He also promotes his clothing through his Instagram account, @bad_infleuences2029.

The "Snake" Tee retails for $27 on shop-bad.com

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