Batman Arkham Knight Game Review

By Marquie Brown

Fires, fear gas, and even tanks. Gotham has been overrun with supervillains and criminals, and only Batman can stop them. Batman Arkham Knight sees the Dark Knight returns for his last adventure to save Gotham once and for all. Rocksteady Studios’ last installment in this superhero franchise brings a sense of finality, bringing all of Batman’s closest family and allies of Gotham together.

The world expands further with the player now free to explore the three islands that make Gotham City, which is given more character with noticeable landmarks from the comics such as Wayne Tower and Ace Chemicals. With an expanded map comes new and improved transportation. The player has the option of gliding around the city using the upgradable grapnel hook and Batman’s Cape, or the player could choose to drive the rocket-powered, transformable Batmobile. No need to worry about crashing, nearly everything in your path crumbles as you chase down criminals with incredible vehicular combat and slow-motion explosions. Since Batman doesn’t kill, criminals simply get electrocuted if touched by the Batmobile.

Photo by Marquie Brown. This is the first Batman game in this series where the player has full access to the batmobile. The player has the choice of driving it around Gotham City and engaging in combat with enemy drones with battle mode.

Batman’s signature strike and counter combat is smoother than ever. With new mechanics, there’s a ton to experiment with. In brawls, Batman can pick up a dropped baseball or club, which gives you a few seconds of pounding through enemies with shock batons and shields. In stealth predator encounters, there’s a new surprise multi-takedown technique that can knock out up to five unsuspecting enemies in just a few quick seconds. Along with new moves come new enemy types as well. There are huge brutes with gatling-guns, medics who can revive knocked out enemies in the middle of combat.

Photo by Marquie Brown. Gliding is one of the ways you can travel around Gotham City. Rocksteady improved on gliding making Batman able to glide faster and longer in the air.

The main story is supported by a series of excellent side quests that revolve around stopping villains like Penguin, Two-Face, and Riddler. Each series had its own gameplay style. For instance, Two-Face and his crew rob banks, and Batman has to take them out stealthily in a time limit. But Riddler, on the other hand, puts you through puzzles and riddles, sometimes with Batmobile race courses. This gives a break from the repetitiveness of simple brawls with the same mercenaries and criminals.

Arkham Knight is the biggest Batman game yet, not only because of the larger map, but the wide varieties of gameplay you can choose from keeps it from getting too repetitive. The introduction of the Batmobile gives a new and fun way to interact with Gotham City. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves superheroes or comics, so you could see and interact with these classic heroes and villains yourself.

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