Kabir's Prep for SAT practice is worth the money

By Joelle Allen

My parents paid two thousand dollars for an SAT prep class. To save your family the trouble, I’ll tell you if it was worth it or not.

To begin, the value of any standard test course will depend on your situation and what you’re looking to get out of it. Covid has caused many schools to go test optional for the time being, so you may not even need to take a standardized test if the schools you’re looking at don’t require them. But for those who are looking to get an extra edge on their application, it could be useful to submit your scores.

If you're looking for a program to help you get the very best scores, Kabir’s Prep is an excellent program if you’re willing to pay the price. The ACT course is $1,340 and the SAT course is $1,650. While I only took the SAT course, all of the information I’ll give you can help you make a decision on either class.

  1. Work Load

While I’ve already discussed the demanding price of the class, the schedule is just as intense. Kabir’s Prep asks students to spend a minimum of thirty hours a week on test prep. For students who take the course during the school year, I’m sure the hours are less but not by much. Because I took t course during the summer time in the middle of a pandemic, I was able to fully dedicate myself to studying. If you’re looking to take this course, I suggest that you do it when you have the most free time to get the most out of it. Summer courses run from July to September and fall courses run from October to January.

Photo by Joelle Allen. My tests, classes, and homework for the week of July 13th, 2020 are organized for me by my student portal. Kabir's website organized my weekly assignments and lessons, helping me stay organized. The average week consisted of two core lessons, three topic lessons, a practice test and additional homework that would be due by the next lesson. With such a hectic schedule in the summer, the website did an amazing job at keeping me on track.

  1. Content

I was amazed by the amount of materials they gave us to study. I received twenty-four practice test booklets, and eleven of them were full length SATs. The remaining tests were PSATs that were still useful when focusing on specific sections. I completed my class in September, and I still had enough tests leftover to do full length practice tests when studying for my real SAT in November.

In addition to the book work, Kabir’s Prep has an interactive online textbook that students gain access to for up to a year after their course. The website for Kabir’s Prep is what sets the program apart from all other programs. Upon registering, I was given a student portal that I could access at any time. It organized my weekly assignments, gave me a schedule for my classes, gave me access to over 60 study modules, and it provided online scantrons for all of the tests. Because of Kabir’s one of a kind programming team, I received my test scores with explanations for every problem within seconds of turning it in.

Photo by Joelle Allen. On October 9th, 2020, the College Board released the scores for the September 26th test. My SAT score improved by 180 points when compared to the test I took before taking Kabir’s prep. My reading and grammar score went up by 100 points, and my math score improved by 80 for an overall score of a 1380, putting me in the 94th percentile.

  1. Lessons

Parents can see they're spending their money well when they take a look at the lessons. Every week, a student has one or two core lessons that are two and a half hours each. In these classes, a group of about sixty students get their main lesson for the week. Students have to attend three topic lessons a week. These classes are an hour and a half, and have about twenty students in each class. These classes go into detail on math topics, homework help, and test corrections with a smaller group to allow for more direct help. However, that isn’t all. Half way through, the program assesses your strengths and weaknesses, and it offers special tutoring for you and two other students who are struggling with the same things. While the program has a lot of students, the teachers go out of their way to ensure that you understand the topics you’re learning.

Photo by Joelle Allen. A collection of test scores received throughout the program gives students a run down of their progress on the last day of the program: September 26th, 2020. After every practice test, students received their results within hours. The website provided a progress graph, showing my score as well as the class average. Between my first and last test, I improved by 200 points. Out of eleven tests, my highest score was a 1370. On my first test after the class I received a 1380, proving that the practice tests and curves were almost identical College Board’s.

Overall, the class was more than worth it. As a student who’s looking to get scholarship money as well as to get into more prestigious schools, Kabir’s prep was the right choice for me. They created an environment where it actually felt beneficial to be online rather than in person, which was incredibly important to me. On my very first test after the class, my score improved by 180 points and I was actually on the lower end of the spectrum for improvement. If you want to get into an Ivy League, a prestigious school, or if you simply want to stand out when applying to your college, I suggest you sign up for the next round of classes today! They sell out quickly, but if you can secure a spot, I promise you’ll be thankful you did.

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