Keeping busy during quarantine- Groves students find hobbies for entertainment

by Erin Parker

photo by Erin Parker

Collection of the artwork I completed over quarantine captured October 5. I spent hours on end outside on my back porch painting and bought countless supplies including paint brushes, canvases, and tubs of paint.

The mandatory statewide lockdown has given Groves students the opportunity to venture to new areas of interest, and discover new methods of enjoyment and relaxation. With what felt like endless time, many students found comfort in hobbies. Whether it’s a rediscovered hobby, or one you’re trying for the first time, in a world of new norms, this six month period should’ve allowed us ample time for new activities.

Developing a hobby is beneficial in numerous ways: It’s been shown that they are a productive use of your time. Sometimes we find ourselves immersed in the world of social media, and watch how fast the time passes by. Being able to detach from the grueling and entrancing platform of social media, and shifting your efforts into something enjoyable yet productive is imperative to your well being. Another benefit of picking up a hobby is that they can be helpful with combatting stress. Stress not only in this time period, but also with school and sports, is the building block of illness. Covid has been, for many, the driving force of stress with not being able to see family or friends, and contemplating the hardships of online school. Finding hobbies that interest you can help steer your mind from those stressors. Another benefit to finding a hobby can be the relationships you build. A hobby is frequently enjoyed with other people. Whether it’s your family or friends, those relationships are strengthened as a result.

I developed numerous hobbies over this six month period. Baking became my primary hobby, and it still is till this day. Now baking was a nationwide hobby; whenever you went to the grocery store, there was never any flour! I searched pinterest, tikok, and instagram for new recipes. I’ve baked before, but during quarantine it became excessive: at least twice a week. The shelves in my pantry were always filled with brown sugar, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. I tried to bake whenever I felt stressed or anxious. I would clear out those distractions, and concentrate on what new masterpiece I could create. I baked banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and cinnamon rolls. Now this may not be the healthiest hobby, but for me it was a stress reliever. It allowed me to take pride in something that wasn’t associated with work or responsibilities. “Baking helped me mentally relax and helped me get my mind off of the world. These “hobbies” helped me disconnect from the uncertainty of the world and made me more happy and comfortable. They helped me pass the time, and helped me not feel like everyday was the same,” junior Rachel Akaba says.

photo by Erin Parker

The aftermath of a two hour chaotic cooking episode taken Thursday October 15 in my kitchen. An intriguingly tasty display of cookies soon to be devoured by my family.

Baking then transitioned into painting. I spent hours on end outside on my back porch painting and bought countless supplies including paint brushes, canvases, and tubs of paint. I introduced my family to it, and it became such a bonding experience for us. We even hosted social distanced paint parties in our backyard.

I think we can all agree that having a hobby, especially in such an unprecedented year is essential. From relieving stress, to being productive, and building relationships with others, the benefits are endless. We should all take time to discover a new hobby.

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