Power of meditation crystals and where to find them

By Mackenzie Beem

Living through a pandemic has brought countless podcasts, puppies, and painstaking Zoom meetings. While I did try my hand at a few different hobbies, I eventually reached a breaking point. I was sick of trying something to entertain myself that I didn’t have the energy to stick with. I began to dedicate the extra time Covid-19 granted me to focus on my mental health. Grounding myself in meditation helped me combat my pandemic-induced anxiety. I was very skeptical at first, barely managing to get through a five minute meditation without laughing at how uncomfortable I felt. The beginning was slow and seemingly unproductive. Sitting down on the grass or touching my thumbs to each finger slowly built a base of mindfulness. Soon I was meditating multiple times a day and slowly becoming more connected with myself.

Throughout this whole time, I’d had the thought of crystals at the back of my mind. My TikTok “for you page” was bursting with videos on ways that these little rocks could change your life. I was, again, skeptical. On one hand, healing crystals have been used by various groups of people for centuries. On the other, I couldn’t process crystals as more than simply pretty rocks. I eventually caved and decided to buy a few, purely for the aesthetic.

While looking for a simple guided meditation one day, I noticed that one of the videos used a crystal, citrine, that I had recently purchased for it’s look. The video was supposed to promote motivation, optimism, and confidence. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to incorporate this crystal into my new meditation practice. The narrator of the meditation suggested putting the crystal in a pocket to keep the energy with you. The meditation was long and grounding but so was meditation without any crystals or stones. I threw it in my pocket just in case, deciding it couldn’t hurt.

I went throughout my day as normal. Every few minutes I felt the weight of the rock sitting in my pocket. Each moment I remembered it was there, I found myself reflecting back on the meditation. I would clear my thoughts, shift towards the positive, and focus on the present. In that way, the crystal did exactly what it was supposed to.

I don’t believe that crystals and stones have magic powers. I’m not even sure I believe that they exert special energy. I do know, however, that, if I have one with me, my intent becomes more clear. Because they are objects with unique textures and weights, they serve as a reminder to be in the unique moment. The citrine, for example, reminded me to think positively, be present, and learn confidence, altering my mindset, even just the tiniest bit. The consistent reminders eventually lead to growth in peace, the most important factor of meditation. During a once-in-a-hundred year pandemic, everyone can practice being more mindful to strengthen a connection with themselves, and to use whatever medium necessary. For me that medium has become crystals.

Once I discovered the value in crystals, I decided that I needed to get more. Metaphysical/crystal stores aren’t necessarily the easiest to find. Because they are mostly small, brick and mortar businesses, I doubt most would’ve even had websites before Covid-19. Luckily, I was able to find a few relatively close. I started at Boston Tea Room in Ferndale.

Photo by Mackenzie Beem

Despite the expensive prices of the rest of Boston Tea Room that I noticed one April 7, there was a table dedicated to cheaper tiny stones and crystals. This table was just as aesthetic as the rest of the displays and even included containers where crystals can be sorted by price.

Boston Tea Room is, “Michigan's oldest and most respected psychic venue,” according to their website. I was a little concerned that it would be a situation where I would have to meet and pay a psychic who only sold the stones after a reading. As soon as I opened the door, I realized that was not the case. I was encouraged by a sign to use hand sanitizer then buzz in. Because the store was at capacity, even though it looked almost empty, I had to wait. This was slightly nerve wracking, but I was happy with all of the Covid-19 safety measures. After a few minutes, I was allowed inside the store and smelled the strong herbs immediately I saw tables full of crystals. I was pleased to find the store also sells tea. The back half of the store was filled with posters, books, accessories, and loose leaf teas. I was on a crystal mission, so I didn’t look too closely at these other mindful products, but I’d definitely go back to get the full experience.

Circling back around to the tables of crystals, I felt very overwhelmed. I didn’t do any research beforehand and had no idea what to look for. I realized pretty quickly that these crystals were fairly expensive. Most small ones ranged from five to twenty dollars. They did have one table with tiny rolled stones that were a lot cheaper, some only two dollars. I did notice a few rooms to the side, which I concluded were for the psychic and maybe where tea was served pre-pandemic. After taking everything in, I realized how aesthetically pleasing the store was. The wooden displays were all different but coherent and even the colors of the crystals looked enticing. None of the employees walked around to help customers. They simply stayed at the desk, buzzing people in and at the cash registers. This was most likely pandemic protocol. .

Despite this safety measure, I wished the employees had been more engaging because I definitely could’ve used some help navigating all of my options. I was overwhelmed and ended up just getting a worry stone. Overall, though, I had a good experience at Boston Tea Room. It was very clean and Covid-19 cautious while maintaining a unique and spiritual vibe.

After my visit to the Boston Tea Room, I explored Mystic Moon LLC in Madison Heights, a store tucked between countless, boring beige buildings. The slight pitter of rain and gloomy sky made the store seem all the more bland. However, immediately after venturing around the front of the store, I realized it was anything but. The front window display was full of unique items, including baskets with flowers and a fake palm tree. My excitement began to build. I walked in and was hit by an overwhelming smell of cigarettes and incense. Ignoring the smell, I noticed baskets upon baskets of crystals, each one complete with a paper explaining the properties. Besides just crystals, there were also spell candles, incense sticks, and meditation bowls. The two employees, whom I believe were identical twins, were busy with another customer when I walked in but promptly came to my assistance as soon as the customer left. I didn’t need much help this time because of the cards that were with the crystals. The prices were much lower, and with this, I now know that Boston Tea Room’s higher prices were for a reason.

Photo by Mackenzie Beem

My excitement began to build. I walked into Mystic Moon LLC on April 20 and was hit by an overwhelming smell of cigarettes and incense. Ignoring the smell, I noticed the baskets upon baskets of crystals, each one complete with a paper explaining the properties.

Overall I loved the variety and information at Mystic Moon LLC. Despite this, the store had creepy vibes and seemed almost dirty, although maybe that was just because of the smell. I would recommend this store if you’re like me and don't know what you’re looking for. The store doesn’t seem like the best fit for someone who is more informed because with the lower price seemed to come a lack of quality.

Photo by Mackenzie Beem

I found small Buddha statues sitting near meditation bowls. Was this store for metaphysical goods or religion? Was I shopping at a store for spirituality or helping someone profit off of an ancient religion that they don’t practice. My worry of cultural appropriation increased, and soon I began to question the quality of the items in Mystic Moon LLC on April 20.

Boston Tea Room is my favorite of the two. It feels like a store where you go for self improvement. I don’t know if it was the cigarette smell or the pagan flag, but Mystic Moon LLC was not my favorite experience. That said, both stores offer quite a large variety of mediation aids. I’ve learned that I don’t have to believe in the crystals to benefit from them, and I know that when I want more, the Boston Tea Room is the place I will go.

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