Reviewing Little Caesar's pepperoni stuffed crust pizza

by Jacob Schwartz

On October 13, I eagerly drove down to Little Caesars, craving a stuffed crust Pizza. The melted mozzarella smothered the crust as each pepperoni was artistically placed.

Today, I tried the Little Caesar's Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza. It is their traditional Deep! Deep! Dish pizza. However, what makes this version so special is that it is now stuffed crust wrapped with pepperoni.

This item costs 10 dollars, which seems a bit expensive for a traditional pizza wrapped with a few additional bits of pepperoni. COVID-19 precautions were certainly present, as the location I went to allowed only a carry-out option. In other words, you had to call-in your order, and they would make it “Hot and Ready” for you, and bring it out to your car.

The pizza itself was pretty good, despite past complaints that have arisen of the chain putting too much sauce on their product. This sauce had a thicker consistency to it and it was very flavorful, truly a slice to admire. The pie was very doughy yet supremely cheesy, greasy, and salty too. Despite the fact that it was the big selling point of the product, the pepperoni stuffed crust portion of the slice was not as flavorful as I thought it might be.

The pizza crust turned out fluffy and light, baked to a golden crisp; the cheese melted to a perfect degree when I tried it on October 13.

The biggest issue of this product arguably being the pepperoni taste null and void despite what it markets itself to be. Often times, it can be valuable to remind yourself to taste the pepperoni, then it can become easier to taste a little bit of the saltiness of the pepperoni. Unfortunately, the average consumer just simply isn’t going to prepare themselves to taste that pepperoni; they’re going to bite in and either be able to taste it outright, or alternatively, not at all.

So in conclusion, it’s definitely a safe idea to go in and try this item. You can expect a decent pizza, but there are improvements to be made. Out of 5, this item deserves, in this critic’s opinion, a solid 3.5 out of 5.

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