Reviewing Benito's BBQ Chicken Sub Sandwich

By Jacob Schwartz

The bread was soft yet provided an excellent crunch as I bit in to this delectable sub on October 22.

Today, I tried the BBQ Chicken Sub Sandwich from Benitos, a local sandwich shop in the Southfield Michigan area. The price for the item was $7.49, an amount which I think was well reflective of the quality of this sandwich. The COVID19 protocol at this location was standard; all that was required was wearing a mask when I went inside.

The submarine sandwich came packaged in a beautifully designed box, boasting their products to be "Incredible Edibles". The chicken piled up high between the tempting loaves of Italian bread. The BBQ sauce spilled out either end. The bread was soft, yet provided an excellent crunch as I bit into this delectable sub.

Here, a behind-the-scenes look at the secrets of this sandwich, the BBQ sauce delectably smothers the chicken and bacon strips, as onions on top provide an extra tangy kick on October 22.

One thing that struck me as surprising about this item was that there were bits and pieces where the sauce was very concentrated and potent, while simultaneously other spots where the sauce was just there, not providing as much of a tang, in other words.

The spiciness lingered in the back of my mouth for quite a while after each bite, so the BBQ sauce was certainly present. The BBQ sauce delectably smothered the chicken and bacon strips, as onions on top provide an extra kick, all of which blended together very well. I enjoyed the zestiness of the onions, as well as the curious simplicity of the sandwich.

No part of the sandwich is too overbearing or powerful. In this critic’s opinion, this sandwich deserves a 4/5.

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