Reviewing the McDonald's Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich

by Jacob Schwartz

The outer edge of the patty was well-done, with a pleasant crisp and savory chicken combined to pack a punch of flavor that only McDonalds could offer on October 7.

Today, I tried the McDonald's Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

I tried my luck in the drive-thru establishment and I made my order of the Artisan Chicken Sandwich while staring at the bright and blinding screen. The gentleman on the other end responded in a rude tone, sounding very much sleep- deprived . Once I finally received my piping hot meal, I immediately dug in but was soon disappointed. Despite what the name may imply, this item certainly did not taste like it was made by any sort of artisan. The Grilled Chicken was skimpy at best. A pathetically thin slab of chicken tossed on in an attempt to create flavor. There was an incredible surplus of salt seeping through the bun. Fortunately, the chicken patty was tender and juicy for what it was. Likewise, the lettuce and the tomato were standard for the level of quality that a seasoned McDonald’s veteran might expect from such a low-effort chain. The vinaigrette dressing that they touted was virtually unidentifiable, whereas I could not taste it. It tasted watery to me and nothing much more. The bun tasted like that of a standard hamburger, albeit a bit rubbery. The meal was, in summary, over-seasoned and bland. If you want a quick bite to eat for cheap, I would recommend this meal. I do not believe that $5.99 was worth it for this sandwich. I would award this sandwich a whopping 2.5/5, just a smidge above average.

The grilled McDonald's chicken patty sits atop the bun, while savory tomato and wilted lettuce top the second half of the meal on October 7. I sampled the Artisan menu at McDonalds to begin my journey as a food reviewer, but I would only give this patty a 2.5 out of 5 because of the puny slab of chicken and soggy bun.

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