Spider-Man: Miles Morales review

By Marquie Brown

Swinging through New York. Beating up thugs and kingpins. Stopping elaborate plans from Supervillains. Insomniac Games’ first venture into the realm of Marvel superheroes succeeds at making you feel like Spider-Man in this PS4 exclusive. The game is filled with puns, quips, fun gadgets, and amazing cinematic action sequences.

I’ve played many Spider-Man games as a kid, and I’ve always noticed that when it comes to web swinging, the webs seem attached to thin air when swinging. I guess the developers thought that people wouldn’t care as long as swinging. Insomniac developers made it more realistic this time and made the webs stick to buildings when you swing.

The combat is very versatile and unique, especially with Spider-Man’s abilities and gadgets. At first, the combat seems repetitive and boring, but after progressing through the game more and unlocking more gadgets and skills, you can do a variety before you even engage in stealth and combat. For instance, the trip mine could be used to web unsuspecting enemies to a wall or to other enemies. The web bomb webs up all enemies within a certain radius and can be used when there’s too many enemies attacking at once. The electric web can electrify an enemy and can chain to other enemies, electrifying them as well.

Photo by Marquie Brown. I was in the middle of combat with a Demon gang member. The player is able to use webs and gadgets to get an advantage over enemies.

Another feature is suits and suit powers. In the comics, there are many different versions of Spider-Man in alternate universes and timelines. Each of those Spider-Men have unique suits. The game has some of these suits from those comics and they each come with a suit power. They all differ from having electric punches to being bulletproof and can really help in a sticky situation. Suits are unlocked through progressing and leveling up during the story and doing challenges and completing side missions.

Outside of the main story, there are dozens of other side missions and activities scattered across the city, which adds even more hours of gameplay and exploring. Although sometimes repetitive, I was never bored by any mission, even if some were repeating the same scenario. Taking pictures of famous landmarks across New York City and collecting backpacks with items that have stories motivated me to hit every corner of the city. Outside of the suit, Peter Parker can engage in some science puzzle activities at his lab.

Photo by Marquie Brown. I was in a boss battle against Electro and Vulture, two well known Spider-Man villains. At certain points in boss battles, there are sequences that begin where the player has to press certain buttons and then it shows a cool animation of beating up the boss.

The story doesn’t always stay exclusive to Spider-Man, but gives the player the chance to play a few missions as Mary Jane and Miles Morales. Some players don’t like the out of place stealth missions for them, but I like that they added these missions to be able to develop their characters more in the game. Insomniac gives Miles Morales his own story on becoming the next Spider-Man and Peter being a mentor to him, which hints at the next game with Miles being the new main character.

Overall, Spider-Man is one of my favorite marvel heroes and to be able to play through this story as him is an amazing experience. The campaign is captivating and relatable, showing Peter Parker’s side as well as Spider-Mans. The open world activities and optional side missions don’t quite live up to the thrilling main story, but still made it enjoyable to explore and stop crimes. I would recommend this game to people who love superheroes and would want to feel like one.

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