Three products curly haired beauties need to avoid

Would you still eat your favorite food if you knew it had plastic in it? If you don't want plastic in your diet I bet you wouldn't want plastic in your hair either. We use products designed to nourish and help the growth of our locks but do you really know what you're feeding your hair? Curly haired beauties tend to stick by one product without even knowing what is in it; this mystery solution can be filled with silicones and sulfates causing long term damage and ultimately the death of your hair. While it might sound dramatic, it is of upmost importance to treat your hair well. A lot of girls and boys don't know how to manage their glorious curls. They use products that make curls stick together, hate the way their hair looks, and ultimately decide to straighten their hair out of convenience. However, the problem wasn't the curls, it was the product. Here are the 3 products that our curls need to avoid, and what brand we should be using instead.

Photo by Saarah Fattouh

A variety of Curls moisturizing sprays line the shelves at CVS pharmacy on October 16 2020. They smell so good and the bottles are aesthetically pleasing. Look at the bottom shelf when searching for my go to products.

Before we discuss the hair products that need to fall off this flat earth (I’m joking), let's talk about what makes them so harmful. The main ingredient that makes up a bad hair product is silicones. Silicones are an oil-like substance that create a seal around hair strands and lock in moisture. Silicone behaves like plastic, in the sense that it's hard to break down. While this may sound ideal, silicones also prevent the hair from gaining nourishment because of the shell it's created. This shell coats and weighs down the hair, not allowing it to breathe. As a result the hair straightens and dulls with time.

We begin our journey by testing the popular curly girl product, OGX. With a lovely coconut smell and its light feeling, there is no questioning why so many curly girls use OGX leave in conditioners. Do yourself a favor and throw this one out. Your hair might smell great and give off the illusion of softness, but all this products does is weigh down your bouncy hair with its heavy formula, and coat each strand with salts, silicones, and sulfates. While your hair might feel soft with the product in, you’ll notice that once you wash it out, it'll look like hay and be impossible to brush through.

If you like ramen then you will love this next product. Herbal essence mousse leaves your hair feeling hard and volume-less. This canned foam not only sticks your hair to your scalp, but its formula leaves the hair looking wet all day, causing it to appear sparse and thin. The convenience lies with its ability to dry quickly and while mousse is a fast drying product, one can only expect that anything containing alcohol would do just that. As a result of this drying ingredient, your hair becomes brittle and the scalp's ability to make its own oils is damaged.

This last product should be classified as a weapon because of its flammability. It is time to get rid of every kind of dry shampoo. There is no specific brand that reigns over another; any kind of dry shampoo belongs in the garbage: Dove, Pantene, TRESemme, or Not your mother’s. The main ingredient in most dry shampoos is a starch or alcohol meant to dry out the scalp and stop hair from looking oily. Being built differently, oils don't travel down the strands on curly hair as easily as they do with straight hair, making an excess of oil appear normal and sometimes more is necessary. Spraying dry shampoo on curly hair guarantees breakage. Obviously it doesn't happen as soon as the product touches your hair, but why institute breakage when you could be using a better product?

If you think you've caused irreversible damage to your hair, don't worry, there is still hope. When you finish throwing away any of the listed products above, you'll have enough room for shea moisture. Shea moisture ensures growth and removes split ends entirely. From personal experience, I noticed a change in hair texture and softness after one wash. This non toxic, harsh chemical free formula will

allow your hair to breathe without stripping it of any natural oils. Additionally, the product is deemed inexpensive for its high quality. At drug stores the price of Shea Moisture ranges anywhere from 4.99$ to 11.99$ max. I am broke and can't throw out endless money on hair products. Luckily, the large Shea Moisture tubs last me longer than a month! Plus, if you mix some water into the bottle and shake it up, like I do, I guarantee it will last longer. Whether you have loose curls, wavy hair, or thick corkscrew curls, loving them is not an option! Curls are curls and nothing should stop them from flourishing. Take care of your hair and watch your hair take care of you, (not really).

Photo by Saarah Fattouh

The Curl and Style Milk goes for $11.49 at CVS as of October 16 2020. This 8oz bottle of magic rejuvenates damaged curls and doesn’t leave a gross residue; give this product a chance.

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