Uncharted 4 Review

By Marquie Brown

Discovering tombs and secrets, racing for treasure, and uncovering the mystery of Henry Avery and the Gunsway Heist, Naughty Dog went all out in this fourth and last installment of the Uncharted series where Nathan Drake ventures on his last quest. With its career-high acting from the cast and better graphics engine, Uncharted 4 gives a nice and satisfying close to the iconic series.

Photo by Marquie Brown. Parkour and climbing are what makes the Uncharted Series stand out from others. Naughty Dog improved on the fluidity and speed of climbing in Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog expands its terrain, allowing for more platforming and parkour opportunities to make it better and smoother than the previous installments. Also, in certain parts of the story, the player is given a 4x4 to get around the tricky terrain easier. While the larger land mass is enjoyable to see, exploration is barely rewarded with an exception for little trinkets you can find in certain corners of abandoned buildings or temples. The attempt to make it seem less linear was better than the previous games attempts, but still lacks. The game does a little better with its action. While every now and then you’re sprung into the middle of a bunch of mercenaries and the only choice is to shoot your way out, most other encounters allow for more stealthy play and gives you the choice of what play style is more you.

Photo by Marquie Brown. At certain points during the story, the player is able to explore the landscape.

Uncharted does good with the first two acts of the story, but is a let down during its overly long third act. The story is split up by chapters, taking the player through different time periods. The first act sets us up for the main story, giving us background about Nate when he was a kid and what him and his brother were up to growing up. It also shows us his current life with his wife Elena, from the previous games, and both of them settling down and trying to give up the thrill of treasure hunting and Nathan’s brother tempting him back into his old life. The second act gives us more action packed scenes that the first act had a lack of and puts the player right in the chase for the treasure. The third act slows the pace substantially with repetitive combat and gameplay. This jungle act being the longest section of the game gives little to nothing new but shooting and climbing. Towards the end it starts to pick up with more exploration and development of the characters' relationships.

Besides the main campaign, Uncharted 4 also has a multiplayer feature with four modes, Team Deathmatch, Plunder, Command, and Ranked Team Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is the basic gamemode in most shooter games where you have to get more kills than the other team and Ranked Team Deathmatch is essentially the same thing, the only difference is that you are given a rank by how well you do. Command puts a target on the strongest player in each team. Each team has to try and capture territories and hunt the target on the enemy team. In plunder, the goal is to bring an idol to a point on the map before the other team reaches it with theirs. Players have to try their best to slow down the other teams while trying to protect your own.

Photo by Marquie Brown. A feature added to this game was the grappling hook, which the player uses often. In this action sequence, Nathan Drake is using the grappling hook to hang on to a car to not fall off the bridge.

I think Uncharted 4 does a good job showing off it’s better graphics with amazing scenery and amazing storytelling. The platforming and parkouring are smoother and the combat is better. The multiplayer has never ending fun with it’s multiple game modes and more entertaining with friends. I would recommend playing this game, mostly to experience the story and action for yourself.

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