Why Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is better than Starbucks

By Lauren Eshelby

After seeing this Starbucks order blow up all over TikTok, I knew I had to try it. The venti iced white mocha latte with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle was the perfect refreshing pick-me-up after a long school day. While it’s price made a dent in my wallet for sure, the sweet drink made it worth it. If you’re looking for something sweet, and something to give you a boost in energy, this is the drink to get.

If you would’ve asked me if I wanted a coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts back in the beginning of the year, my answer would’ve automatically been a no. I was more of an iced tea/hot chocolate kind of girl when I would go. But as school got more stressful and the amount of sleep I got went down, I found myself beginning to warm up to the taste. Of course it started as an 80-20 milk to coffee ratio, but with time I was able to stand stronger coffee taste.

With my new love of coffee came the want to try different kinds. While I love being able to support small coffee shops and the aesthetic that comes with them, they’re not always the most convenient. That started my daily trip to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee pick me up. From numerous trips to each of the coffee shops, I’ve developed distinctive views as to which one is better.

Starbucks was the first coffee shop that I ever really started going to. Before I liked coffee I stuck to their iced teas, refreshers, and hot chocolate. Their cafe mocha was the first coffee drink that I had tried, and had thoroughly enjoyed. But as I became a more avid coffee drinker and started trying different drinks, I realized a few distinct things that I wasn’t that big of a fan of. The biggest reason that when given the choice between both shops I tend to not choose Starbucks is due to their prices. I understand why switching milks in your drink or adding syrup would be an additional cost; but when the drink is already starting out expensive and you’re making those changes for dietary or allergy reasons, it ends up at an unreasonable price. I have a lactose intolerance so, when available, I switch to almond milk; but, I found that putting the final cost of my Starbucks at $6. While the price is not easy on the budget, I still have developed a favorite drink for when I do go.

My go to drink at Starbucks is a venti iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle. Usually, I stick to just normal lattes; but as I grew to not really like Starbucks lattes and hate their cold brews or other coffees, I decided to try a drink that I had originally seen on TikTok. The drink looks delicious, definitely one of the best looking coffees I’ve ever had. It has such a soft sweet taste from the hints of white mocha and caramel. While it’s my favorite drink to get there, the price of $7 doesn’t look too good. Along with it being expensive, it can be overwhelmingly sweet. I recommend it to anyone who wants something to fill their sweet craving while also getting a kick of energy, but especially to anyone who’s just warming up to the taste of coffee. Overall Starbucks is adequate, but with cost and taste I’d much rather go to Dunkin.

On any given day you will see this exact drink in my hand. Dunkin’ Donuts’ medium iced caramel latte with almond milk always hits the spots for a caffeine boost, not too sweet while not too strong. The perfectly mixed lattes are handed over to you at a much more reasonable price than Starbucks, making it my go-to destination for coffee.

I started going to Dunkin’ Donuts at the beginning of the summer. I went with the intention of getting a dozen donuts for a get together and decided to grab a latte while I was there, and after that first sip I was hooked. The medium that I ordered felt huge and only cost $4, making it such a better deal than Starbucks. Then when it comes to the quality and range of coffees, I can get just about anything at Dunkin, from their lattes to their coldbrews, and still enjoy it.

My go to order at Dunkin, which I get just about everyday, is a medium iced caramel latte with almond milk. There’s something about Dunkin’s caramel syrup that is tremendously better than Starbucks, theirs just tastes bitter to me. Along with having better tasting syrup, Dunkin perfectly mixes it up before handing it to you so you’re not left with awkward, unbalanced coffee to milk sips. It might not look as pretty as the Starbucks lattes, but what it lacks for in appearance it makes up for in taste. It's become such a regular order for me that when I go to Dunkin, all I have to do is walk up to the counter and, if there’s the right people working, they already know what I want. It would have to take a lot of convincing to turn me back into a Starbucks fan.

Overall, when it comes to going to grab a coffee I’d pick Dunkin’ over Starbucks any and every day. From affordability to better coffee taste, it’s my go to for a fast and convenient coffee trip.

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